Compressor Danfoss SM124A4ALB (10HP)

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13 Jun 2023
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Compressor Danfoss SM124A4ALB (10HP)

Spesifikasi Kompresor Danfoss 10HP SM124A4ALB

Frequency [Hz] 50/60
Gross weight 66.88 Kg
High value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V] 400 V
High value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V] 460 V
High value of voltage range at 50Hz [V] 440 V
Low value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V] 380 V
Low value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V] 460 V
Low value of voltage range at 50Hz [V] 342 V
Low value of voltage range at 60Hz [V] 414 V
LRA 142 A
Model number SM124A4ALB
Net weight 65.5 Kg
Nominal cooling capacity 60 kBTU/h 129.01 KBtu/h
Refrigrent  R22

Our Inti Jaya Compressor Was Stood This Year 2010 And We Provide A Wide Range Of Air Conditioning Compressors Where We Are A Company That Is Committed To Compressor Products At The Best Prices And Our Best Services, We Are The Best Compressor Ac Compressor Distributor And Distributor In Indonesia

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We Will Always Give Our Best Services And Offers, We Always Be A Distributor In 1 Type Of Quality and Complete Air Conditioner Compressors You Need.

Jual Compressor Danfoss 10pk SM124A4ALB

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