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Compressor Copeland ZR42K3-TFD-522
Compressor Copeland ZR42K3-TFD-522
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23 Apr 2020
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Product Specification Copeland compressor ZR42K3-TFD-522
Model: ZR42K3-TFD-522
Refrigerant: R22
kW: 4.66 cm3 / rev: 83.1 Ph: 3
Hz: 50/60 V: 380V / 440V
Compressor Mode: Copeland Scroll

AC compressor is an important component in air conditioner (AC). This tool is tasked to suck the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator. Then compress it compress) and thus the temperature and vapor pressure become higher. The task of the compressor is to maintain the pressure difference in the system. Compressors or compressed suction pumps function to carry refrigerant throughout the cooling system. The system works by changing the pressure so that it moves from the high pressure side to the lower pressure side. The higher the temperature pumped, the greater the power expended by the compressor.

Our Inti Jaya compressor was established in 2010 and we provide a wide range of ac compressors where we are a company that is committed to providing the best quality AC compressors and always provide the best service, we are the largest supplier and distributor of ac compressors in Indonesia.

Copeland ZR42 compressor

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